Beyond the LIGHT

CFS is a company developing
cutting-edge ultraviolet LED technology
to provide healthier tools than
chemical-based cleaning solutions

Why UV LED technology?

Enhanced life
More surface area


The innovative UV LED device for surface disinfection

The VersaTILE packed with nice features

The VersaTile comes packed with features such as frequency variations,
re-usable casing, and other interesting innovative features
Multiple Wavelengths

With wavelengths from UV-A, B, and C to disinfect all pathogens. You can shine the light in the patterns you'd like!

Safety features

Make sure it is working properly with light indicators and safety controls.


We give you control of your VersaTile. Connect with the USB-C port for running time feedback!


LEDs are interchangeable! We are helping the environment by reducing waste.

Optics Technology

With pure fused silica glass, the VersaTile stays protected while optimizing UV irradiation to disinfect more area.


Enjoy the practicality of the VersaTile, and place it wherever you need it!

The Team Behind the Project

A diverse team of students from Florida Institute of Technology join their knowledge to improve the future of UV disinfection with UV LED technology. We have launched a cool crowdfunding site to accelerate the process and help you during these times. Go check it out !
Meet the Team

The Science

UV light has shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies than visible light. This high-energy light is capable of  damaging the DNA or RNA of pathogens. As a result, the physiological processes are disrupted and  the microorganisms are inactivated.

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Our Mission

To provide eco-friendly and healthy solutions for disinfection by implementing UV LED technology.

Let's create a brighter future