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The First Steps

In the fall of 2019, talented students from the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, took on the task of designing a robot with ultraviolet LEDs capable of disinfecting surfaces of harmful microorganisms, initially proposed by George Rey. As the ideas developed, the team transitioned from a robot surface cleaner to the stationary device that we called the VersaTILE.

Chem-Free Solutions was founded in March of 2020. The original  student team members were recruited to develop the product over the summer of the same year. This well-rounded team includes knowledge in mechanical, electrical, and biomedical engineering and computer science disciplines. Our team has been combining efforts to design a unique product that can help people around the world fight their battles against bacteria and viruses. We are continuing to improve and innovate this unique product because we want to provide you a cleaner and healthier tomorrow.  

Our motivation for developing a UV LED disinfection device is the number of people who suffer from healthcare-associated infections, COVID-19, autoimmune disorders, and allergies. Our device can make life easier for people everyday by disinfecting the surfaces around us in a healthy, eco-friendly, and versatile way.  

The Work We Love

From biological testing to optics and electrical engineering, we are working to ensure we provide reliable technology
because we want the best for you.

How far we have come

With the team's CAD and 3D printing skills, we have been able to move from the conceptual to the design and prototyping phase of the project.

The journey started with a simple idea,
which then developed into a product.


is a creative problem-solving art
to be mastered in order to  handle risk-taking
approaches to solve today's world biggest issues.

At Chem-Free Solutions ...

we think outside the box
to go beyond the light