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The Founders

Our team's diverse skill set allows Chem-Free Solutions to expand research and
development for our products. Each student in our team specializes
in a fundamental area that contributes to the company's growth.

Barbara Potts

Chief executive officer

George Rey

Technical Sales Director

Dr. Jim Brenner

Chief Technical Officer

Donald Collins

Director of Sales

Dr. Donny Hunter

University Relations

Engineering Team

"Why did you join CFS?"

Delaney Lisco

Biomedical Engineer

"One thing that I love about biomedical engineering is that it continues to evolve every single day. When we began our project no one had ever heard of the Coronavirus or imagined that a global pandemic would change life as we know it..After completing the class, our team was still passionate about the future of this device. When the pandemic outbreak began, we knew that this was something we wanted to continue developing! With the help of Dr. Brenner, George Rey, and the other CFS founders, we were able to begin collaborations of CFS as a team. Aside from COVID, so many people struggle with the negative effects of harmful microorganisms every day from battling allergies to contracting healthcare-associated infections. The multi-spectrum UV technology that we have incorporated into our versaTILE has the capability of fighting those battles so that people don’t have to. I am very excited to be part of such a passionate and diverse team that is dedicated to designing devices that can help people live life to their fullest."

Raghav Ringshia

Mechanical Engineer/Computer Science

"I’ve always wanted to be able to use my great passion for science and technology to be able to help humanity in some way. While this project started before the COVID-19 Pandemic, the need for solutions to be able to return back to a new normalcy is what keeps me passionate about developing disinfecting solutions. There are various solutions, but the sustainable way would be to not involve chemicals in order to not adversely affect other aspects. Another key factor that keeps me motivated is having the opportunity to be 100% involved with a company at its conception and being an integral part of the development of the company."

Julieta Cruz Chang

Biomedical Engineer

"Growing up in a third world country, Guatemala, opened my eyes to the tough reality of people. My parents, a doctor and a biochemist, own clinics that provide affordable healthcare to people with low incomes. Being raised in this medical environment, I was able to interact with patients and noticed how much they can struggle with bacteria or a virus that we might think is not very harmful. My motivation and true passion for this project is to create affordable technology, to reduce the burdens that harmful pathogens create to these vulnerable families. I want to bring the latest technology to my country and other similar communities because I have hope that one day technology will be accessible to anyone. I want to show people the versatility of ultraviolet technology, that it can be applied to a variety of needs and is not limited to the medical or healthcare facilities."

Shaula Rey

Biomedical Engineer

Our project excites me so much because it is a way for us to make such a great impact on the world. We are using our skills, knowledge, and gifted abilities in order to create a product that has the potential to save lives through disinfection and sterilization. We are going through one of the biggest epidemics known to the modern world. What better way to tie in our company’s mission toward helping make a safer and cleaner environment for future generations to come. It is a blessing for us to be a part of this effort, and also for the world!

Nicole Carpenter

Electrical Engineer

"This project is important to me because I understand the need of sterilization of hard to clean objects and environments. I’ve had several family members go through surgery with long recovery times. One of the biggest concerns in these standard surgerys are healthcare-associated infections (HAI). The biggest connections to these infections is the patient's environment and air quality that is very hard to properly sterilize in large health care facilities. I have not personally lost a family member to HAI, but at the time of my involvement, I knew of the need for this type of product. Today it continues to motivate me to work hard in CFS to help to reduce unnecessary exposure to harmful pathogens in any environment."