Is UV light harmful?

Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause skin cancer. Although far UV-C light cannot penetrate human skin, exposure to eyes can cause vision problems.

How does UV light disinfect?

UV light contains high energy photons, which disrupt and damage the DNA. As a result, the microbes are unable to reproduce or perform vital cellular functions. These are considered dead since the microbes are unable to reproduce.

Can pathogens survive UV LIGHT?

Research has shown that it is totally dependent on the amount of exposure and irradiation. Our VersaTILE contains the recommended dose to disinfect you surfaces.

Why six wavelengths?

Each range of ultraviolet light is effective against different pathogens and targets different proteins within the microorganism, so the use of six different wavelengths can ensure a more complete germicidal irradiation.

How many versaTiles can I attach together?

Due to power limitations, you can add up to 16 versaTiles.

Which UV light is operating?

The versaTile counts with light indicator LEDs , which will be turned on for  UV-A/B/C, respectively.

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